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Do I need my ID or Passport to enter Gibraltar?

It is mandatory to present your ID (Europeans) or passport (non-Europeans) to enter and exit the territory of Gibraltar. 

Please check if you need a visa at

What is the Sat Nav information when arriving from Spain?

City: La Linea de la Concepcion

Street: Avenida Principe Asturias

Number: Just put any number. Avenida Principe Asturias is the road that passes in front of the border (the road where you will see McDonalds and Burger King).

Where to Park when arriving from Spain?

For those travelling by car, I strongly recommend you to park your car at La Linea De La Concepcion Gibraltar’s neighbouring town and I would recommend driving up to the Border where you will see the Burger King and McDonalds. Just behind the Burger King and McDonalds there are underground parking lots. You also have Parking Santa Barbara, an open parking just against the border, an excellent parking lot.

The parking lots are just a 5 minute walk from the border so it is quite straightforward to make your way to the Gibraltar custom building as its located just by the land-entry to Gibraltar (opposite McDonalds and Burger King).

Where's the meeting point when arriving from Spain?

As you enter Gibraltar through Passport Control (you’ll need your password or ID cards to pass through) you’ll first walk past a red British telephone box, continue walking straight ahead for 80 meters, past the taxi rank and then on the left hand side of the road you’ll notice a large car park (where the buses park). Use the zebra crossing to safely cross the road to the car park. Our tour guide and vehicle will be waiting there for you. The vehicle will have a sign of your name on the windshield.

Can I join others on the tour to share costs?

Our tours are private (not public) so it’s not that easy to group people together, especially coming through the border. It's not like the cruise liners where it's easy to assemble a group as its thousands of people coming on the same day and the same time.

What happens when the tour ends? Where do we get dropped off?

We can drop you off wherever you wish once the tour has finished. You may be returned to the cruise liner terminal or you may be dropped off at Main Street.