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Explore The City Under Siege Expedition

Dating back to the 18th Century

City Under Siege, Gibraltar

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City under Siege Exhibition – The buildings in which this exhibition is housed are probably one of the first buildings ever constructed by the British in Gibraltar hence dating back to the beginning of the 18th Century.

Undoubtedly the most important aspect of these building is the graffiti that are seen on the walls which were made by soldiers mounting guard in the area who used to spend their time drawing on walls in order for them not falling asleep during the long hours of duty as a offence there punishment was death back on those days.

The Great Siege of Gibraltar started on the 24th June 1779 and lasted 3 years.

During this time the Spanish fleet blockaded Gibraltar, and it was only thanks to relief convoys that broke through that Gibraltar survived. With strict rationing and lack of supplies, many of the people and armed forces suffered greatly during this time, including a violent outbreak of scurvy amongst the defenders.

The siege was finally lifted on the 7th of February 1783 and resulted in a decisive victory for the British against overwhelming odds. The siege was also a factor in ending the American Revolutionary War.

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